Palla Radar Ball – Diamond (Pair)

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$ 3,500.00


The owner of the Palla Radar Ball – Diamond (Pair) shall be eligible to receive:
  • (2) $300 travel credit vouchers
  • One hotel room for two nights in London (4-5 star hotel included)
  • Entrance for 2 to the StarCard Sports Games’ ‘New World Football Alliance’ photoshoot with legends
  • Entrance for 2 to a Meet & Greet with the legends
  • Entrance for 2 to a cocktail party (food and drinks included
  • 2 premium tickets to an English Premier League match
  • Palla merchandise including 2 Authentic Palla Aurora jerseys, 2 fan shirts, 2 scarves, 2 beanies, and 2 Palla Diamond Radar Balls ($550 value)
  • 2 automatic raffle entries for additional prizes
  • 10% stackable boosted APY for staked SCSG
  • 20% discount on all Palla products
  • 20 point increase of shooting accuracy in New World Football Alliance
  • Gain access to a private community channel within the SCSG Discord
1 entry into drawing with 10% chance of winning an Aurora City Council member NFT. This NFT gives the holder:
  • Key to the city NFT which enables significantly enhanced teleportation capabilities in game
  • Premium seat in SCSG Stadium (NFT) which gives the owner a stream of income whenever their seat is sold for live concerts and events happening in the stadium
  • Free full Stamina/Energy for life in game (no need to top up. Stamina just stays at 100%)
  • Special appearance for avatar to flex in New World as a City Council member